Fundada Artists’ Film Festival is a contemporary film and video event run by artists intending to showcase the best in contemporary screen-based art from across the globe. Fundada believes that art should be fun and inclusive yet conceptually strong and critically engaged. The film festival is comprised of selected short films from an international open call and curated by artists Alice Bradshaw and Nancy Porter.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FAFF2010 Programme: Friday 20th August 2010

Sam Holden (UK)
70 still frames and 5 minutes 50 seconds

70 still frames and 5 minutes 50 seconds of video Using a digital SLR, image capture software and a hidden video camera 70 Still Frames and 5mins 50 seconds of Video highlights how much we simply don't see when encountering someone's photographic reproduction and underlines how problematic photography can be as representative medium.

David Cochrane (UK)
Rehearsal (Day In, Day Out)

Performance related video
An unknown protagonist puts on and takes of different ties

Şinasi Güneş (TR)

This work contains images of women who live in Anatolia and have different cultural features and also of women who are veiled are scrutinised.

Sarah Filmer (UK)

A disparate collection of personal moments becomes an articulation of the universal notion of loss. The pale blue jumper has a trajectory through the world that acts as a metaphor for the life of any one or any thing. It's story is spoken, while the visual elements of the video allude to the ways in which we incorporate a life-changing death into a lived experience.

Maggie Hall (UK)
Rolling Drawing

"I produce work without a narrative and verbal content, work that exists purely to be experienced communicating a semi-intuitive understanding. I want to leave my work open to the formation of ideas and concepts rather than react to them. Recently I have begun to merge the initial creation of my work with the final product, recreating a version of the process. These works intend to compress, contain and capture the initial energy and tensions revealed in their creation."

Tom Walker (UK)

"My work draws from sources such as performance art history, jackass and youtube and it is from these that I extrapolate the ridiculous, the futile and failure of actions or moments in order to create my work. These stimuli can either be used as a trigger or directly within the work, the videos always feature me, after all if one cannot make an ass of one's self then what is the point? Maybe it is I who is laughing at me, laughing at you, laughing at me."

Sarah Buckius (USA)
Trapped Inside Pixels

This animation combines performance, video and photography to digitally transform human movements to create kaleidoscopic patterns. This work explores how digital media uses replication to reconfigure a digitized single moving body into infinite animated mutations.

Kit Merritt (UK)
We Shall Never Speak of This: 7th January

Performance in response to an item received in the post. Part of an on-going mail art piece titled We Shall Never Speak of This , in which conversations with other artists evolve in every medium except the spoke / written word.

Sai Hua Kuan (SG/UK)
Space Drawing No.5

Space Drawing No.5 was created in 2009 in Russia. Through the simplest yet most fundamental function of line - to divide, subtract, Space Drawing attempts to capture a moment of transitory energy.

Sara Brannan (UK)
Work no.14

"I am using animation as an extension of my sculptural practice and I am using the medium to promote ideas that I am unable to do in conventional sculpture. I am shifting the location of the art object from being wholly material into the realms of digital art and in doing so I can play with form, movement and perception. The low-resolution DIY ethic of my practice is continued by using basic tools and equipment to produce the works."

Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans (BE)
The Good Life (a guided tour)

The Good Life shows a guided tour through empty white gallery spaces. An exhibition is being built up, paintings are ready to be unpacked. A guide is accompanying a small audience and comments upon the art and the fantastic spaces in the museum. However, after a while the guide appears to be an estate agent who recommends a visionary architectural design (by architectural agency 51N4E), which will replace the museum with exclusive lofts.

Tether / Grin & Slutsky (UK)
Grin & Slutsky

Soon, Grin & Slutsky will reveal the one thing that all people want to know...

Doplgenger (SRB)
Voices Gazes Traces

Medusa, one of the three sisters known as the Gorgons, was punished by given the destructive power to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone. The piece Voices Gazes Traces as expanded cinema deals with feminist concept of writing here transposed to film medium. It is a study of the screen history and contemporary placement of 'Woman as film Icon'.

Milk, Two Sugars (UK)

Bob Milner on Cinefun: "I became interested in the expressive qualities of the human voice during voice workshops I attended some years ago. Participants were encouraged to play with sound, in the way children seem to, before they learn to speak. We gurgled and chortled, made animal noises, called and crooned, and we communicated to each other using these nonsense sounds. Though we were sometimes in a darkened room where we could not 'read' each other's facial expressions, we were able to convey emotion and meaning with these nonsensical noises. As a visual artist, I wondered if something as abstract as these sounds could be explored in visual imagery. How could I depict an energetic, joyous laugh, or a gut-wrenching, wailing sadness? Could frenzied, erratic lines convey wild cackling calls, or a soft smudgy line convey a gentle humming? I didn't know then and I still don't. Enjoy the film!"

Paul Tarragó (UK)
The Badger Series Episodes 7 & 8

The Badger Series has issues and attempts, each episode, to resolve them. Recasting a glove puppet through his own present day sensibilities, Paul assumes the role of a kindly uncle mentor to a household of capersome woodland creatures. Mortality, self-sacrifice, depression, altered states of consciousness and transgressive art practices are all explored as part of their everyday lives together. Meanwhile the show is mindful to adhere to the traditional structural formulae, with entertainment numbers and routines appropriate to the scaled down sitcom world that they occupy. The series is equal parts moral instruction and narrative play, mediate through the forced fit of an experimental filmmaker as children's entertainer.

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