Fundada Artists’ Film Festival is a contemporary film and video event run by artists intending to showcase the best in contemporary screen-based art from across the globe. Fundada believes that art should be fun and inclusive yet conceptually strong and critically engaged. The film festival is comprised of selected short films from an international open call and curated by artists Alice Bradshaw and Nancy Porter.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Best of FAFF2010

The public voted FAFFTA winning Best of FAFF2010 are:

Splitty McCheeks (UK) - You Pigs present NTSC VHS VJ Barry Valentino playing live with Splitty McCheeks

Special guest performing with Splitty McCheeks at the FAFF Launch Event at Square Chapel, Halifax featuring Hollywood based NTSC VHS VJ Barry Valentino. Barry plays 10 VHS video players hung round his neck projecting the mixed images through a digital projector strapped to his head.

Eagle & Feather (UK) KIPPLE: VHS Art for the Digital Age

Kipple: A term borrowed from Phillip K Dick referring to the detritus of modern living that will one day overwhelm us. Collaboratively, Eagle & Feather have been putting their own interpretation on the term kipple for a number of years. Through regular visits to charity shops, public libraries and jumble sales they have amassed a collection of absurdly peripheral and esoteric videotapes, selected for their distinct peculiarity. Theirs is an attempt at alchemy, taking base material and transforming it, by various means – editing, manipulating, combining and reducing - into something that is imbued with new qualities - humour, drama, pathos and poetry. Turning kipple into non-kipple, at least temporarily.

Sebaldo (UK) - Bomb Ed

"I am eating the bread of modern design. I spend my days teaching ideas how to spread their wings and cross roads safely. I am extremely versatile. I specialise in Illustration, animation, 3D, concept building and narrative work. When not swimming in ponds I am an expert Papier Mâché sculptor. I love my work, and unlike normal ducks, I can land on trees."

Paul Tarragó (UK) - The Badger Series Episode 1

The Badger Series has issues and attempts, each episode, to resolve them. Recasting a glove puppet through his own present day sensibilities, Paul assumes the role of a kindly uncle mentor to a household of capersome woodland creatures. Mortality, self-sacrifice, depression, altered states of consciousness and transgressive art practices are all explored as part of their everyday lives together. Meanwhile the show is mindful to adhere to the traditional structural formulae, with entertainment numbers and routines appropriate to the scaled down sitcom world that they occupy. The series is equal parts moral instruction and narrative play, mediate through the forced fit of an experimental filmmaker as children's entertainer.

Kathy Toth (UK) - Loop

Loop is a stopframe animation where handmade charcoal drawings have been photographed. Each object is rubbed out and then redrawn onto the same drawing for the next frame, thus leaving a trace of movement. These objects are inspired by found imagery resembling scientific diagrams. My interest lies in how diagrams are perceived once taken out of context and viewed purely as a set of shapes and lines. While drawing diagrams I begins to associate them visually with other objects in a way that is similar to cloud spotting and 'projective tests' within psychoanalysis.

Jorge García Velayos (ES) - La Bestia (The Beast)

In Paris begins a strange revolution on the roofs, with the sculptures and the clouds. When the beast appears is time for the destruction.

Lemeh42 (IT) - Inner Klänge (Inner Sound)

Kandinskij published one of his most important works, Klänge (Sounds). The general principle of Klänge was the liberation of the inner sound. One century later, Lemeh42 realizes a personal homage to this Russian painter. Inner Klänge (Inner sounds) is an animated journey to find the Inner sound.

Sai Hua Kuan (SG/UK)- Space Drawing No.5

Space Drawing No.5 was created in 2009 in Russia. Through the simplest yet most fundamental function of line - to divide, subtract, Space Drawing attempts to capture a moment of transitory energy.